Our latest simlab is online, Collective Cell Movement and Migration, which simulates collective cell movements. What happens when a pack of cells repel each other while simultaneously being attracted towards a location? Play with various different variables, including the stickiness of cells and the "reach" of the cells.
 Alef's vision is to create an online resource where anyone can visit to experiment and learn. We simulate laboratory conditions and provide the results for the data that you enter, a completely virtual lab. We hope that people from all walks of life can come together here to learn without the need for expensive equipment or supplies. This is not an alternative to traditional laboratory work, but a supplement to provide further experimentation.
Creation:Dr. Mauricio Bustos, UMBC, USA
Web Programming:Lyle Medel, USA
Division of Information Technology:Paul Schou, UMBC, USA
Tim Champ, UMBC, USA
Funded by:
Hrabowski Fund for Academic Innovation, UMBC
Office of the Dean, College of Natural and Mathematical Sciences, UMBC
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